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The traditional owners of the Flinders Ranges, the Adnyamathanha people, welcome you to their Yarta (land).

Please show respect for the land and its people by following this code of conduct.

  1. Stay on marked trails

Stay on the marked to avoid becoming lost or injured or damaging the environment. Do not take short cuts or disturb vegetation.

  1. Authorised Cross Country and Off Track

Implement the “clean footwear policy” by arriving with clean footwear and, where possible, do not traversing muddy ground where soil may accumulate on shoes.

  1. Respect other users

Be respectful of other users of the trail and exercise care at all times. Be aware of the shared use of the route and the public’s use of the Park. You are representing this Event to the greater South Australian public and should act accordingly to other park users.

  1. Place all rubbish in receptacles

This is a zero waste Event and rubbish receptacles will be provided at Check Points & the finish. Do not litter along the trail or in the Park.

  1. Prohibited Use

Domestic animals and pets are prohibited in some Parks, please ensure domestic animals and pets are not brought into prohibited parks.

  1. Environment

Do not remove or damage any animal, bird, vegetation, plants, fruit or seeds from or on the Park.

  1. Take care to keep creeks and rivers clean of debris and human waste

Creeks and streams along the route are in the catchment of key reservoirs or pass through residential areas. Do not go to the toilet within 100m from watercourses.

  1. Avoid toilet breaks away from toilet facilities

Use the toilets provided at Check Points. In an extreme emergency you are advised to choose a spot off the path and at least 100 metres from watercourses and to bury all faecal waste and paper as deep as possible, preferably at least 15 cm deep. Take all sanitary items out with you and dispose of appropriately.

  1. Permits

All vehicles entering the Park for the Event must display a valid permit to show that all entry and camping fees have been paid. Failure to display a permit may result in a fine.

  1. Move quietly near wildlife

Animals can be easily panicked or take flight which may lead to injury or distress particularly at night.

  1.  Observe any fire restrictions

At the unlikely Event of a fire ban or other fire restrictions, please do not light fires. Restrict smoking to cleared areas at Check Points (dispose of cigarette butts in bins).

Thank you for leaving the bush in its natural state for the enjoyment of others.

General Rules

  1. The RACE SCHEDULE has been calculated to have all Flinders Ranges Outback Epic 205 riders finish within 16 hours. This equates to an average speed of 12.86km/hr, including all stops. You should not enter this race if you have doubts about maintaining this average.
  2. All riders must have EMERGENCY SUPPORT monitoring their progress. You can nominate Race Administration but must accept these personnel will not be able to respond as quickly to help you as your own emergency support can.
  3. All riders enter knowing that they will be officially withdrawn from the race if they fall behind the RACE SCHEDULE as measured at any of the 5 mid-route TIMING POINTS.
    1. If this happens, riders must be collected by their EMERGENCY SUPPORT.
    2. Your EMERGENCY SUPPORT may transport you ahead to another sector so you can continue within the RACE SCHEDULE, but you will be ineligible for awards
    3. The RACE SCHEDULE time cutoffs apply to all riders in all events and categories.
  4. Riders must not take short cuts. Procedures will be in place to check that all riders complete the course they have entered.
  5. UNSUPPORTED riders must inform officials if they accept support at any point in the ride

These rules will be strictly enforced, particularly the time cut-offs on the Event Schedule. Please do not seek to beg, bribe or offer any other inducements to entice officials to be flexible with their application.

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