Foundation Riders

A number of benefits are due to riders and supporters of the inaugural event, the 2013 Flinders Ranges Outback Epic.

Riders who have qualified to be a “Foundation Rider”, in order of entry:

Billy SOMERVILLE               109km Age Group

Robyn COUCH                     109km Age Group

Kay HAARSMA                    205km Supported Pairs-Female

Debbie RODGERS               205km Supported Pairs-Female

Jan  DE VILLIERS                  109km Age Group

Jeff ROSEN                           109km Age Group

Damien MANNING           205km Supported Pairs-Male

Andrew JOLLY                     205km Supported Pairs-Male

Tielman DE VILLIERS          109km Age Group

Clayton WELLS                     109km Age Group

Luke HALLAM                      109km Age Group

Louis VAN DER BERG        109km Age Group

David WEBBER                     109km Age Group

Daniel MILLAR                     109km Age Group

Scott HAMILTON                109km Age Group

Jon  RICHARDS                    64km Age Group

Riki POPOVIC                       109km Age Group

Daniel OLSEN                       109km Age Group

Karin LAHERSTORFER        109km Age Group

David COULL                        109km Age Group

John ALLISON                      64km Age Group

Erik LOCK                               109km Age Group

Andrew FIELD                      109km Age Group

Anthony PICKERING         109km Age Group

Ronan BERNARD                64km Age Group

Steven LEE                            205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

David CLARK                         205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Jason MORRISON              109km Age Group

Aurelia STROZIK                  64km Age Group

Therese RHODES                109km Age Group

Thomas JONES                    109km Age Group

Christopher CROCKER      205km Supported Pairs-Male

John SEZENIAS                    205km Supported Pairs-Male

Henry ENGELBRECHT        205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Alex  FOORD                        205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Ollie KLEIN                            205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Nigel WILLOUGHBY           205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Morgan  COULL                   205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Brian SCARBOROUGH      205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Geoff LUDERS                     205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Mason BARNES                   109km Age Group

Linda KYRITSIS                     109km Age Group

Beau GRIFFITHS                  109km Age Group

Phil HOUGHTON                 205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Craig COTTER                       205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Richard BATES                     109km Age Group

Matthew ACKLAND          109km Age Group

Kevin PULLEN                      109km Age Group

Lachlan TAILBY                    109km Age Group

Stephen LESKE                    109km Age Group

Nick STOKOE                        109km Age Group

Dean GIBSON                      109km Age Group

Stu CLEMENT                       109km Age Group

Bradley ALLEN                     64km Age Group

Sylvia DANSIE                      109km Age Group

Rebecca ORMSBY              109km Age Group

Mark QUINTEL                    109km Age Group

Troy  BROUGHAM             109km Age Group

Louise GEORGE                   64km Age Group

Andrew LOVELL                  64km Age Group

Simon JONGEBLOED         109km Age Group

Brendan SCARBOROUGH           64km Age Group

Adam POWELL             64km Age Group

Owen JONES                        205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Dean KYRITSIS                     205km Unsupported Pairs-Male

Darran West     2013 Event Helper

Alastair Robertson     2013 Event Helper

Neville George     2013 Event Helper

Evan James      2013 Event Helper

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