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 South Australian Tourism Commission

  • What’s special about this event?
    1. Flinders Ranges
    2. UNSUPPORTED concept
    3. SUPPORTED category allows for tactical planning
    4. RACE SCHEDULE that you have to beat
    5. Minimal technical riding
    6. Majority double track
    7. Majority on private land
    8. Abundant Australian flora and fauna
  • Where will riders come from?
    1. SA and interstate initially, but overseas as a greater proportion after the first few years.
  • How long will the winners take to finish the Flinders Ranges Outback Epic?
    1. Obviously conditions will affect any year's results, but reasonable predictions are:
      1. 205km < 10 hours
      2.  109km <5 hours
      3. 64km < 3 hours
  • Can I ride the course outside of the event?
    1. Yes definitely.
    2. The section of the race route freely open to the public outside of the event is where it follows the Mawson Trail, which is the last 50km
    3. All other sections are part of the Flinders Ranges By Bike route and you can ride these sections provided you comply with all conditions of use found here: Flinders Ranges By Bike
    4. Escapegoat Adventures offer supported mountain bike over the route and will take care of all Flinders Ranges By Bike compliances
  • I understand it must cost a lot to organise an event in such a remote location, but what should I be happy to see my entry fee pay for?
    1. Event organisation
    2. Trail marking
    3. Generous donations to:

i.    Flinders Ranges By Bike Inc for trail access and maintenance

ii.    Pastoralists

iii.   Sector safety support

iv.   BBQ meal at Wilpena finish line

  • I realise UNSUPPORTED riders cannot change any equipment, but what about SUPPORTED riders?
    1. No bike changes. It’s up to you what you do with wheels and everything else
    2. You can receive mechanical assistance
  • What other rules apply to SUPPORTED riders?
    1. SUPPORT TEAMS must behave in a courteous and safe manner at all times. Any SUPPORT TEAMS violating this rule will lead to their rider(s) being disqualified. This is particularly relevant with vehicles driving ahead of riders and meeting them enroute.
  • Is a 4 wheel drive vehicle necessary for SUPPORT TEAMS?
    1. No. All roads marked as being open to SUPPORT TEAMS are public roads traversed by 2 wheel drive vehicles every day.
  • Does every rider have to have EMERGENCY SUPPORT?
    1. Yes
  • Can one EMERGENCY SUPPORT be responsible for more than one rider
    1. Yes, but clearly there could be some waiting involved in some cases.
  • How will my EMERGENCY SUPPORT know if I need help?
    1. The entire route has been broken up into sectors, each managed by roaming safety personnel and an official following the last rider.
    2. When you pass through a CHECK POINT the list of riders who are ahead of the RACE SCHEDULE will be emailed to the next CHECK POINT. EMERGENCY SUPPORT need to check that email list and if you have been withdrawn they should come back for you.
  • Will times be taken at all TIMING POINTS?
    1. No, only at 4 CHECK POINTS. Some Timing Points are only there to enforce the cut-off time, so officials are only interested in riders who are close to these times.
  • I don't have any friends. Can you help me make contact with potential SUPPORT?
    1. The Flinders Ranges Outback Epic MTB Race is on Facebook – like our page and post your request
    2. Emergency support is a final level of safety we want you to have so someone other than race administration is tracking you, but race administration will be the default.
    3. You must provide us with your emergency support's contact details before you can register. Come prepared with name, phone number and vehicle registration.
    4. If you are the emergency support for a rider and are prepared to track other riders too, please let us know now by email or at registration.
  • Is there any help for riders who are not staying at Willow Springs or Gum Creek to get to the 109km or 64km starts?
    1. Sort of. We reckon it's best you get to your start in your own time with all your gear. We will provide a shuttle for when you finish ie a shuttle taking drivers back to Willow Springs and Gum Creek will leave at 4pm and then on the hour thereafter until 8pm
  • What happens if it rains so much that the track is too muddy to ride?
    1. We will have wet weather routes planned that will all include the final sector on the Mawson Trail. The 64km Epic will have minimal changes. The 109km and 205km Epics will be altered to try and give the same amount of ride time as the original distances with dry track conditions. Mud on this route will halve most riders speeds.
  • Will bike servicing and parts sales be available?
    1. Probably not. The bike shops we have spoken to reckon entrants in this event will not be disorganised riders, so question whether it will be worth their while to attend.


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