Maps & the Routes-changed for 2016!

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Detours have had to be imposed this year. Routes on this page are correct.

Please ignore route maps below.

Start for the Ride for Pain is the University of SA’s Magill Campus, St Bernards Rd, Magill

Navigation & Course maps

All courses will be marked, but you will need to be alert if you are going to navigate using the course markers alone.

Ride for Pain is pleased to be able to help you learn how to use your smart phone to navigate using the free Ride With GPS app. You can use this knowledge for other rides too.

Ride With GPS offers lots of functionality and you are encouraged to become a member, but “Starter” is free and you will get complete turn by turn navigation at this membership level for this ride if you want to use your iphone or Android device. See below for more.

The 2016 Ride for Pain has been set up as an event on Ride with GPS: 2016 Ride for Pain.

You can use the links below to look at individual courses and explore

6 HOUR – 94.4km with 2470m ascent – click here to view the full route

4 HOUR – 57.7km with 1343m ascent – click here to view the full route

2 HOUR – 28.6km with 579m ascent – click here to view the full route

Two things to notice:

  1. Move your curser over the elevation profile at the bottom (see 1) to see the corresponding location on the map
  2. To export a GPS file to your computer, select “EXPORT” (see 2)

In EXPORT view:

  1. Download to your computer your GPS file format (3,4,5,7)
  2. Download to your computer a Cue Sheet (6)
  3. Read instructions for different GPS devices (8)

Use your smart phone or GPS device to navigate.

We have used Ride with GPS (see above links) so you can download a GPS file to navigate by. You can use a GPS device if you have one, but now you can also use your smartphone to navigate. This will increase battery use so consider using a battery pack. To be able to see your phone while you are riding, consider using a handlebar mount.

PLEASE NOTE: Import errors can occur. You should check your imported course and cue sheets carefully to ensure their accuracy.

 Ride with GPS App – FREE – app_store google play

The Ride with GPS app is the best app to use with this ride.

The Ride for Pain will unlock free turn by turn navigational functionality on your iphone or android device.

You will need to follow these steps to take advantage.